• Hi Isaias, the two specimens arrived today, and I am thrilled with them!!. I think I made a hell of a choice. Wow, there wonderful, Thank You!!!. I had no idea the museum specimen was as old as it is, and the Fluorite on quartz, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in quite that form and shape before! WOW, I’m very impressed!! Thanks so much, Scott.
  • Hi Isaias, I can’t say this about many mineral dealers but the few mineral specimens I’ve bought from you have exceeded my expectations and are definitely a fair value for the money. I wanted you to know this because usually people contact only to complain.  Thanks! Margaret Willis
  • Thanks! I received the piece today in good condition. I had been admiring that fine pink Himalaya tourmaline on your site for some time now. I feel fortunate to have been able to finally purchase it. Ironically, I live just a mornings’ drive from the old mine site- you might say that this well-traveled piece has come home… Best Regards, Bruce
  • Hello, This is to inform you that the pink fluorite on quartz from Chamonix (Nelson collection) arrived in Switzerland today. I am very pleased with the specimen. Regards, Andreas
  • Isaias, I received the specimen today. Very nice. Thanks, Ron
  • Hi Isaias, Just to tell you I received the specimen today in perfect condition. Great combination, I really like. Still thanks, Christopher
  • The fluorite arrived today . . . and it is spectacular! Pamm
  • Hi, I got the aquamarine today. This is really a very nice beryl! Thank you. Regards, Guido
  • The Willemite crystal is awesome. Thanks, Louise Shriver
  • Isaias, I just received the package in the mail today.  Pieces in good shape. The gray/black piece is even better in person than the pics illustrate.
    Cool rock and definitely a keeper.  It’s almost beyond description because of its uniqueness.  Jim
  • Hello Isaias! I received the two specimens today. They look great! Thank you, Kendall
  • Hi, The specimens arrived today in perfect condition. I will keep them for my collection. Best, Joe
  • Hi Isaias, I received the sapphire on calcite today (only three days after ordering, and I live about as far away from you on the continental US as you can get), and I haven’t been able to put it down! I haven’t seen a sapphire like that before, and I just had to snap it up. Thanks for consistently providing the best minerals on the Web, at relatively accessible prices in such an oft-inflated market. I’ve already made a prioritized list of my next orders from you! Best, Sheelin
  • Just letting you know that the wulfenite arrived today in great shape. It is a very beautiful piece and fits my collection perfectly. Thanks! John H.
  • Good Afternoon. Specimen arrived in the noon mail. It is an outstanding sample. Have a great day. Lee
  • Well, with that kind of provenance, I’ll certainly take it then. It’s a BEAUTIFUL piece and I’m no longer concerned about it’s origin.
    Last night, I was also looking at that red topaz on matrix from Katlang in the Barlow book, where he makes the statement that gem red/pink topaz on matrix are “non-existent”, so that certainly helped with the decision. Nice new group of rhodochrosites on your site. Hope to do business with you again soon as I’ll be looking at your site on a regular basis now, and we’ll have to meet face to face in Tucson. John S.
  • Hi Isaias, I received the mineral on Saturday, and it is just wonderful! Just as advertised. Thank you for your great product and correspondence. Sheelin
  • Isaias, Super tourmaline, looks great in my collection. Definitely a keeper. Bill
  • Isaias, I received the rhodo, I like it very much, and I will buy it. Thank you. Mike R.
  • Isaias, The specimen came in today, and it’s as described! I WILL do business with you again. Best regards, Mike
  • The Zinn magnetite showed up today, intact and lovely. Its really a nice piece. Regards, Karl
  • Hi IC: The specimen is better in person then the picture, it’s staying. Thanks much, Neil
  • Isaias: Received the specimen this morning. Everything is fine. I accept the specimen. Nice having done business with you. Best regards, Charlie
  • Hi Isaias! The flourite is perfect! It’s color is mesmerizing. Thanks a lot. I believe you have my cc#. Go ahead and charge it. Thanks, John Mijer
  • Dear Isaias, I received the apatite specimen in good order and I would like to purchase it. Sincerely, John Rakovan
  • Dear Isaias, Both parcels you shipped to my attention arrived to-day in excellent order, Thank you, Best regards, Herve
  • Hi Isaias, I received the Cinnabar in great shape, and I love it. Thanks so much, Scott.
  • Hello Isaias, These specimens – sphalerite, malachite, and silver, arrived safely today. They are very nice pieces – as you had described. Thank you for a smooth transaction.
    Best wishes, Geoffrey
  • I received the mineral and it is quite nice. Thank you! Linda St. Cyr
  • Manganotantalite arrived today. I am very satisfied with this specimen. Thank you very much.
  • The Indicolite arrived today. This Indicolite is very wonderful. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Ikki Sakakibara
  • Hello Isaias, Got the Pyromorphite specimen today in excellent shape. And what a little beauty! Very nice terminations and they are shiny too. Thank you. Best regards, Jan Erik
  • Hi Isaias, I got the mimetite Friday. It’s pretty cool! Thanks! Don
  • Isaias, The pyromorphite from the Les Farges Mine, Ussel, Correze, France, arrived yesterday afternoon (June 6, 2005) in perfect condition. It is indeed a spectacular specimen, far better than what the two dimensional pictures could capture. I am definitely very pleased with this specimen. Anonymous
  • Your apophyllite crystals arrived safe and sound in Copenhagen earlier today. Very nice specimen and entirely satisfactory. Thank you. Jan Hansen
  • Hello Isaias, Today I have received the aragonite. A magnificent piece and a packed erfect. Many thanks for all. Juan Miguel
    Nice. Arrived today. Thanks for prompt shipment. Dave
  • Hi Isaias, got your fluorite yesterday. Little bit small but beautiful.Thanks. Regards, Klaus.
  • hi isaias,,,,,greek quartz came,,,very nice spec…i will buy it….go ahead & charge my accnt…… thanks, gene reynolds
  • Isaias, calcite LB56 has arrived safely, nice specimen. thanks, Steve Warren
  • …just to say the chrysoberyl arrived today and exactly as described! thanks, Dave
  • Hi: Thanks for the help and service. The mineral arrived yesterday in great shape. I’m very pleased with the item. The contrasting blues and shapes are really fine. Thanks again.
  • Hi: Today I received the 4 items purchased on 4/5/05 (invoice #10491). They arrived with no problems and I’m very pleased with the specimens. The Pyromorphite var Arsenian is really fine, Thank you for your quick service and time. Hope to see you at a show in the near future. Again, thanks. Charlie
  • Isaias, I have received the pyromorphite specimen and am very pleased with it.
    Thank you. Kathryn Dakis
  • Thank you for my order and the color of the Realgar is so beautiful, I wish I had a huge piece! I will be ordering again soon.
    Thank you, Gina Lumblo
  • Hi Isaias, I just wanted to let you know that the Chinese tourmaline specimen arrived yesterday and I’m really happy with it. Its just a pity the smaller crystal had a broken termination otherwise it would of been even better. But I’ve been trying to get hold of one of these rare locality tourmalines for some time, so that’s another specimen to cross off my wants list, many thanks. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again soon, Regards, Paul Nicholson.
  • Isaias, The Molybdenite crystal from the Molly Hill Mine, Malartic, Quebec, Canada, arrived safe and sound on Saturday, October 15, 2005. It is a sweet, sharp and well formed crystal from this locality.
  • (Referring to an Elbaite from the Himalaya Mine) Received by a happy customer. It really is a very nice piece! Many thanks, Ken
  • I received the Whiteite specimen yesterday a-ok! It is a very nice specimen. I am pleased with it. J. Pignatora
  • Hi Isaias, I got the Boltwoodite, and it is an awesome specimen.I really like it a lot!. Thanks so much, Scott.
  • Hi Isaias, I received my new Wonderful Maroon/Pink/Red Flourite and it’s awesome.The thin sparkling coat of calcite really adds nice Pizazz to the specimen.Bravo!!!.
    Thanks so much, Scott.
  • Hi Isaias,  I love the azurite/malachite layer cake. Thanks, Bob Byers
  • Hi Isaias, I’m writing to tell you how pleased I am with the blue-cap tourmaline I won on October 17 on mineral-auctions.com. The specimen was from the Tourmaline Queen Mine, and, although I could not tell from the auction pics, I am certain now after examining the crystal in person that this crystal came from the famous 1972 “blue cap” pocket. Its termination is a gemmy transparent blue and you can see straight down the c-axis into the reddish-pink core. It has all the characteristics of the larger, five-figure priced cabinet specimens that have made their way into magazines and books, but in a great and affordable TN size. I have about a dozen Queen Mine tourmaline specimens of many shades and colors, and even though this is just a TN, it blows the rest of them away! It’s just amazing how you found this specimen, because these 1972 pieces are very hard to come by. It’s definitely worth more than what I paid! I couldn’t be happier to own a piece of mineralogical history, so thank you so much for giving us collectors a chance to bring it home. It’s been great doing business with you for all these years. Best wishes, Josh Baimel