About ICM

Isaias Casanova with Innocent Bystanders in a Capetown Coffeehouse

Hello, my name is Isaias Casanova. I founded IC Minerals (ICM) in 1989. “Quality minerals at reasonable prices”, was the quote on my first business card. I started with local shows but was limited to few national shows, since at the time I worked for a financial institution. In 1994, I decided to produce a video catalog for collectors who were “travel limited” and could not attend the major shows. It was not an original idea, (there were a few mineral videos on the market) so I decided that at least, since my video was not the first, then it would be the best available. I wanted a well videographed production, with music and fine minerals to sell to the collector. With the help of my ex wife Ann, and Herberto Velez (Videographer), we shot IC Minerals on Video, Volume 1. It was well received by the collectors and trade magazines. A year later, I was on the main floor at the Tucson Show. In July 1998, ICM went on the Internet, opening up a new way of offering fine minerals to the collector. I stopped doing videos in 2003 and now concentrate on the Internet site and certain trade shows.

ICM is my business. I do all the photography for the site, the specimen acquisitions, preparation, labeling, research and marketing. Yes, it’s fun and I enjoy it tremendously!

ICM is now a full time business. After 20 years, my goals remain the same. To provide collectors with “quality minerals at reasonable prices”. I want you to be happy with the minerals ICM offers, whether you find them on the web site, at a major show, at a private showing in your home or in my showroom in the Tucson area. I offer a “money back guarantee” and a 7 day inspection period on all the minerals shipped. Please use expediency in any returns and the care necessary in shipping mineral specimens.

I am always interested in acquiring new specimens. I buy lots, single specimens or entire collections. I will also pay a referral fee leading to the acquisition of a collection. Call or e mail to let me know what’s available. Consigned specimens are also accepted. Please call to discuss a suitable arrangement.

Hours are pretty regular, you can usually find me between 9 AM and 9 PM, PT. Remember that ICM is a mail-order and trade show business, I do travel but make it a policy to return all phone calls or e mails as soon as possible, usually within 8 hours when I’m in town. If you don’t get an answer to your e mail or a verification of your order within 24 hours, there’s a possibility that there could be something wrong with the server and I urge you to let me know as soon as possible. I can be reached at:


Mailing address is:

IC Minerals
PO Box 91491
Tucson, AZ. 85752-1491   USA

Phone is: (520) 441-9996
Cell Phone is (407) 353-1194

ICM does appraisals and as well as the cataloging of collections and can offer 20 years of professional experience buying and selling minerals!

I hope that your experience with ICM is rewarding and you enjoy your purchase as much as the fun I find in this wonderful hobby/business!